Roman Blinds

Roman blinds In recent years the uncluttered finish of Roman blinds has become increasingly popular. Most fabrics are suitable, but vertical patterns or stripes are good designs to use for this type of blind. Our blinds are all lined and can be interlined in the same way as curtains, if you prefer a rounder fuller look. Blackout lining is also available for maximum light exclusion (good for young children or shift workers bedrooms)

Blinds are delivered already strung onto a metal track (see below) which clips easily onto brackets fixed either to the wall or window frame. The pull cord at the side is secured by a cleat on the wall or frame near the bottom of the blind. Choose from either nickel,chrome cream (pictured) white or brass


We can also supply a mechanised chain lift headrail (see below) which simplifies the operation and eliminates the need for pull cords at the side of the blind. This type of system is particularly suited to large and/or heavy blinds which are more difficult to operate manually. Chains are available in burnished brass, white, chrome or black nickel.


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